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New Mexico Floodplain Managers Association
PO Box 1235, Las Cruces NM 88004

Registration is Open!

2024 NMFMA Fall Workshop

The Future of Floodplain Management

November 5th - 7th, 2024

Santa Ana Star Casino & Hotel

Visit the 2024 Workshop Webpage here

Interested in volunteering for this year's Workshop? Contact for more information!

Purpose of the New Mexico Floodplain Managers Association

1. To promote public awareness of proper floodplain management;

2. To promote the professional status of floodplain management and secure all benefits resulting there from;

3. To promote a liaison between individual concerns with proper floodplain management and to encourage the exchange of ideas;

4. To keep individuals concerned with proper floodplain management well informed through education and professional seminars and to provide a method for dissemination of information, both general and technical;

5. To inform concerned individuals of pending floodplain legislation and other related management matters, and;

6. To study and support legislation pertinent and necessary to the effective implementation of floodplain management matters.