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USACE - Abq. District Job Opening
By Nicole M Friedt, CFM
Posted on 8/20/2021 11:02 AM

 GS-1301/1315/0810-12 Interdisciplinary - Project Manager - Flood Risk Management Program

The Albuquerque District is pleased to announce 1 vacancy within the H&H Branch of the Engineering and Construction Division, for a Senior Project Manager responsible for water resources, hydrologic, and hydraulic engineering related projects and studies for the Albuquerque District’s Flood Risk Management Program:


Vacancy is Open to the Public and closes on August 30, 2021.


The primary duties are:

    • Position requirements include being able to plan and execute work under changing project management parameters.
    • Position includes managing projects that may include flood risk management, FEMA map coordination, dams, water diversion structures, bridges, river control structures, dredging, environmental restoration, public education, or a combination thereof.
    • You will apply knowledge your technical knowledge in water resources, FEMAs NFIP program, and Corps of Engineers policy and project management knowledge to achieve scheduling, funding, and project goals, and to ensure use of optimum approaches which meet project objectives.
    • The position will represent the District when dealing with the local, state and municipal authorities for the project and is responsible for furnishing authoritative responses to project questions and issues.
    • The position speaks with the authority of the Flood Risk Management Program at conferences and with the press in coordination with the Districts Public Affairs staff on all issues including those of a critical or controversial nature.


Direct Hire Authority will be utilized for this solicitation.


Relocation Expenses may be reimbursed.


Telework Eligible – Yes, as determined by agency policy


Please distribute to anyone who you think is qualified and if you have any questions please call Mr. Stephen Scissons, PE, Hydrology and Hydraulics Branch Chief.