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New Mexico Floodplain Managers Association
PO Box 3924 - Roswell, NM 88202- 575-937-1691

Hatch, NM
June, 2006

Ruidoso, NM
July, 2008

Ruidoso, NM
July, 2008

Alamogordo, NM  
June, 2006

Alamogordo, NM  
June, 2006
The Fall 2016 workshop will be held in Deming September 20-23.  Phil Butz, 575-544-6603, is the Conference Director.  Nicole Friedt, 505-670-1540, is the Program Director.  Click the above link to access the registration page.
For all local FPMs:

REIMBURSEMENTS will be available for government employees attending the workshop. 

It is VITAL that you click on this link:  INFORMATION  for instructions from NMDHSEM about how to apply for reimbursement.   Bring this paper with you to the workshop.

Also, be sure to do these 3 things before you come to the workshop:



1.  If you have received reimbursement before, contact Marie Ciattini at ( for your valid vendor number.

2.  If you do not have a vendor number, fill out this - W-9 Form - and submit it to Marie Ciattini (contact above) as soon as possible as it could take several weeks to process and you will not be able to be reimbursed until one has been established.

3.  Be sure to bring a Rand McNally mileage printout with you if you are using your personal vehicle and plan on completing your submission at the workshop.  Use exact street addresses when you calculate mileage for your print out.

Immediately following the NMFMA luncheon and business meeting on Thursday there will be a session for all those wishing to apply for reimbursement or if you are unsure of how to do so (process, rules, and applicability).  NMDHSEM personnel will be at the workshop to explain the process and assist in filling out the proper reimbursement forms, which will be included in your conference packets. Blue pen is no longer a requirement of NMDHSEM when completing these forms.


As long as reimbursement is available from NMDHSEM, we will follow this same procedure at each workshop
  From  Wendy Blackwell, CFM, State Hazard Mitigation Officer:  Recent changes here at the DHSEM Mitigation Program
 Check the info posted on 6-22-16 on the State of NM page under the blue "Other Agencies" tab.

    New CFMs


NMFMA recognizes CFMs who were recently certified by the NM CFM Program. Congratulations on passing the CFM exam proctored at the NMFMA Spring Workshop at Buffalo Thunder in Santa Fe, NM on April 13, 2016:



Gabriel Boyle, CFM          City of Elephant Butte
Abriel Carrillo, CFM   

City of Albuquerque

Jame Eisenberg, CFM USCOE
John Miller, CFM  Town of Taos
Christopher White, CFM
Rio Arriba County



    Spring 2016 Workshop Sponsors


NMFMA would like to thank the following sponsors of the Spring 2016 Workshop at Buffalo Thunder in Santa Fe, NM:

Souder, Miller & Associates again expressed their support for NMFMA by sponsoring the Wednesday night Social.  The social, as always, was a great opportunity to visit with old friends and network with others who work in the field of floodplain management.  All of our sponsors assisted with the cost of breaks throughout the workshop, the Wednesday business luncheon and the Thursday night dinner.  Thanks to all of our sponsors for your generosity and continuing support of NMFMA.  Click HERE to see the Sponsorship Brochure.


The Fall 2016 workshop will be held in Deming September 20-23.  Phil Butz, 575-544-6603, is the Conference Director.  Nicole Friedt, 505-817-5329, is the Program Director.  More information will be added as we get closer to the workshop.

To see presentations from past conferences, go to the Committees tab and click on the Conference Committee page.  You must be an active member to access these presentations.

    The Conference Committee survey on conferences
Members attending the Fall workshop in Elephant Butte filled out a survey about upcoming conferences.  The questions and results are listed in the Membership Survey Results.

    NMFMA Committees



Conference Committee


Purpose:    To plan and produce semi-annual workshops for New Mexico

                    floodplain managers and others.

Chair:    Mike Czosnek, CFM, City of Socorro 


Our Conference Committee Page contains important information about past, present, and future conferences.


GIS Committee   


Purpose:    To make GIS more available to NMFMA members

                    and communities throughout the State.

Chair:    Eric Nemeth, CFM, AECOM,


Our GIS Committee Page contains interesting tidbits from the worlds of GIS and is updated regularly.



Training and Education Committee


Purpose:  To develop training and education opportunities for floodplain managers and others.
Chair:    Jim DeAngelo, CFM, AECOM,


NMFMA is interested in developing more training opportunities for its members.  If you have ideas about training classes that can be given at our conferences/ workshops or as separate training events, please contact us.